Dolphins Dancing

Nancy Day was born and raised in the prairie city of Edmonton, Alberta.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta after four years of full time study. Nancy has enhanced a natural talent and an enduring interest in painting with other extensive formal training. She attended studies at the Alberta Art Gallery and the Department of Extension at the University of Alberta. She attended the inaugural year of the Lester B. Pearson Summer School of the Arts on Vancouver Island., in 1985. After her degree she began what has become a decades-long career as a professional artist.

Nancy’s work if held in a wide variety of corporate collections including Alberta Government Telephones, Amoco, Steiner Corporate Art, RBC, CIBC, and Hitachi Canada. She exhibits on a regular basis. And her work is represented in galleries across Canada. Nancy now lives in Parksville, B.C. and works full time as an artist.

When living in Alberta her imagery was inspired by the majestic scenes, from the vast prairies to the mountain pinnacles. Since moving to the west coast she has been influenced by a different landscape - lush gardens, forests, meadows and moody water scenes.

Through almost a spiritual immersion in her environment, Nancy expresses her respect and captivation with the proliferation of nature. She explores this concept through patterns and shapes of color intermingled with line and gestural qualities. Her paintings are loosely based on a theme that will develop through the process of the painting. The paintings are rendered in an impressionistic manner to capture the essence of the scene.

She generally works with acrylic on canvas but will also use oils or pastels to convey the artistic message.

With her paintings, Nancy hopes to captivate the viewer by portraying insight, feeling and wonderment of nature for her generous gifts. A gift to be treasured.